JDPlus, an LPMD initiative

LPMD Flagship Project – 2012-13

The goal of the Law Practice Management Division JDPlus Project is to develop one or more ambitious but achievable initiatives that the VBA may undertake in collaboration with other stakeholders to enhance the pace at which recent law graduates become productive, profitable, and “practice-ready" lawyers and support or supplement the current efforts and proposed initiatives of our constituents.

To get involved with the initiative, or to learn more about it, contact Jeremy Dillon at The Virginia Bar Association.


In 2012, the VBA Law Practice Management Division assessed the wide and growing gap between the devastatingly expensive training that law schools provide and the needs of graduates and employers who are the law schools’ constituency. In 2013, the LPMD through the JDPlus Task Force, will identify, recommend and implement, as appropriate, one or more initiatives to contribute to the narrowing of that gap.

See the VBA Journal article from the spring 2013 issue, "The JDPlus Project: Cultivating Law Graduates to be Practice-Ready Lawyers," by Leanne Shank, general counsel at Washington and Lee University and a member of the LPMD Executive Committee. 

Task Force Meetings

  • Initial Planning Call – April 2, 2013
  • In-Person Summit Meeting – April 26, 2013 [Agenda - PDF; Report - PDF] 
  • Sector Interviews – April/May
  • In-Person Work Session – VBA Summer Meeting Closed Session
  • Additional Working Teleconferences – As Needed
  • Project & Initiative Subgroup Working Sessions – As Needed
  • Final Presentation – VBA winter meeting General Session
  • Process Team – Monthly and As Needed

The Virginia Bar Association

JDPlus General Session Program, 123rd Annual Meeting, January 2013
"JDPlus: Scholars to Dollars. Transitioning Law School Grads into Proficient, Productive and Profitable Lawyers"


  • Charles M. Allen Jr., of Goodman, Allen & Filetti, PLLC, in Richmond
  • Dean Davison M. Douglas, dean of the William & Mary Law School in Williamsburg
  • Stephen T. Gannon, executive vice president and deputy general counsel for Capital One Financial Corp. in McLean
  • Professor James E. Moliterno of the Washington and Lee University School of Law in Lexington
  • Wendy Collins Perdue, dean of the University of Richmond School of Law


JDPlus Resources

Task Force Members

Summit Agenda (PDF)

Summit Report (PDF)

Summit Slides (PDF)


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